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Most of Consumer’s journey starts with online search and turning up as the right answer every time means business success.


Our perspective

Scaling and maintaining your online presence can be an arduous task. A trusted partner with adequate experience is an invaluable asset. At DEXTERN we have assisted numerous partner businesses to grow, utilising our e-Commerce expert solutions and processes.

Ads & PPC that are proven, trackable and Scalable.

Our approach to ads is the result of years of experience and continuous learning. Believing that a PPC campaign is only as worthy as its outcome, through our campaign management services we will devise the most feasible approach. Contact us today and capitalize on your PPC campaign.

Common Online Ads and campaign mistakes

  • Not maximising ROI – or in Layman’s
    terms, paying too much per click.
  • Improper Targeting – your ads are not
    showing up to your proper audience or within your
  • Not Tracking Conversions – How can you
    measure the success of your campaign if it isn’t
  • You Don’t Have A Bidding Strategy.

How do we address those mistakes?

  • Selecting Appropriate Keywords (The
    ones that convert!)
  • Develop A Bidding Strategy – Maximise your ROI
  • Get A High Quality Score- Your quality score determines where your ads show up. The highest
    scores show up at the top.
  • Monitor conversions – ongoing management allows us to tweak your ad account.

Keyword research that brings results

During content development, the choice of keywords plays a vital role in the performance of a
website. Efficient keyword strategies analyse the metrics associated with each search term; hence our comprehensive assessment when developing your keyword strategy.

Although content may be created relevant to that keyword, it may not perform well in ranking for a while. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) can be employed to promote that content as the website grows and gathers momentum


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At DEXTERN, we proudly assist you through PPC, keyword research, competitor monitoring, content analysis and many more. Our aim is to devise winning solutions that make you shine online.

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